Air and Space…

is a collection of paintings about noticing beauty in nature. They capture moments of inner peace and pleasure that portray shadows cast, textures highlighted, reflections and colour. The paintings express the feeling of air and space around one whilst appreciating the touch of rain, the embrace of the sun, the intoxication of smell, and the dazzling glory of light and colour. They represent feeling alive and celebrating it with an inner glow and an outward smile. Joy, the poem featured in the exhibition, complements the paintings and highlights the feelings depicted like a sharp accent in an image.

I made a list of words that came to mind when I looked at the Air and Space paintings. These words would end up being the titles of the paintings. The list became the starting point for the poem and as it emerged I realised it was a poem about finding joy. It is about how I felt when I went for my Lockdown walk to the park and discovered the snowdrops and crocuses were beginning to appear this Spring. It’s also how I felt creating these paintings, watching the colours and textures take shape like blossoming flowers.

The video Joy combines the text of the poem with the paintings filmed in close up with music by Max Richter. It can be viewed here.

The paintings can be found in the Gallery in the menu above.