This exhibition is dedicated to my mother, my late father and my partner.

Without my mother’s support I would never have gone to art college and followed my dream of becoming an artist. Without the encouragement of my father I would not have been able to pursue my passion and without the love of my partner I would not have found the courage to believe in myself.

Colour consists of 20 paintings inspired by a special garden – bluets, redets, and yellowets – plus 6 video poems which follow the seasons at The Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh.

The idea for celebrating the colours came from Maggie Nelson’s wonderful poetic book, Bluets, which describes only objects that are the colour blue.

Encapsulating the joy The Botanical Garden brings to visitors (and in particular to my mother, who at 91 with decreased mobility finds visiting the gardens challenging) was also part of the role of the video poems.

A starting point for all the paintings was my poem:

A dance with colour:

A riff of primary notes,

A complementary verse of tonal phrases.

A chorus of shades of blue,

A second chorus of shades of red,

A final chorus of shades of yellow.

A rainbow of song that gladdens the soul in a dance with colour.

The final painting in the exhibition is the largest at 1m x 1m 20cm and is ‘a rainbow of song that gladdens the soul in a dance with colour’.

To view the paintings, click on the Menu link at the top of the page for the Gallery.

To view the videos, click on the links below:

Summer one- https://youtu.be/GG00N_mC0n0

Summer two- https://youtu.be/Yz63Uxi0-18

Summer three- https://youtu.be/q5sj41kxAbY

Autumn- https://youtu.be/Rxr9s-3nax4

Winter – https://youtu.be/lvR1Rl92aGE

Spring – https://youtu.be/7o6oGBszgw8