A love letter to Norway…

A land of bracing winds, and wintry blizzards filled with strangely beautiful, wild landscapes: you entrance us.

Mesmerised, we gaze at swirling mists – and are transported to another planet, a seemingly alien, lunar terrain.

Photograph by Kevin O’Donnell

A velvety darkness falls and we slip into Narnia, getting onto our sledge drawn by huskies with piercing blue eyes. The driver behind us calls in a high pitched, sing-song voice and we are off, across the snow, through forests and into the moonlit night.

Our voyage through the Norwegian fiords is full of sensuous pleasures. We travel on board safe in our cabins and the ship gently rocks us like babies in a cradle.

The Northern lights call to us and we gaze into their colourful dance with wonder in our eyes.

Upwards we climb into the mountains and Japanese woodcuts greet us in slate greys, burnt ochre, titan whites and cerulean blues.

Photograph by Kevin O’Donnell

A land of plentiful delights that has bewitched us: we will return.

Postcards from Norway…

Northern Lights
Frozen waters
Fading Northern Lights
Moonlit Troll Fiords
Sunshine before the Storm
Climbing to the North Cape
The descent
Storm approaching
Grey can be Calming
Morning sky
Calm seas
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